How did I get here? Peyton’s Story…

How did I get here? Peyton’s Story…

I am only one half of Peyton’s Place. Kenny will have to share his own story.

As a way of introduction and to keep you from having to click on the “About Me” button, I would like to share that as a professional designer of 25 years, I am self-taught. I have no degree, no formal education and NO ASID certification. EGADS!

In letting you in on this little secret, I want to assure you that had I known that I would still be earning my living as a designer all these years later, I probably would have gotten some formal education on the subject. For example, it would be a great help to be able to sketch in perspective. I’m forever trying to describe my ideas to my clients by pointing and waving my hands around a lot. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

My education was hands on. I have been designing since I was about three when my military family was stationed in Guam. If my dear mother were still alive she would dearly love to tell you what kind of encouragement was required to dis-courage me from creating my own floral wallpaper on my bedroom walls. I just loved the intense colors of the jungle and felt that they would look just as amazing inside as out.

We moved even more than most military families which was a result of my father’s unique qualifications as pertains to explosives. Yes, bombs come in all shapes and sizes, and he knew every single one of them and their capabilities which comes in handy when you’re disarming one.

The only good thing about being uprooted over and over again from my friends and schools was the opportunity to decorate my room in our new residence. As long as I spent my own money, which I earned by prolific babysitting, remind me to tell you about the time the parents of the twin boys I was sitting for came home from their night on the town and found their living room completely rearranged (for better flow!) by an 11 year old. Anyway, most of it I didn’t pay for. I rummaged around the neighborhoods nearby (the officers area had better stuff) and sometimes I would “find” things that weren’t lost. I got my ass whipped once when I “found” a teachers leather jacket and made a pillow out of it. It was a beautiful British “racing green”. Totally worth it.

My mom also wasn’t fond of the snakeskin that I glued to the top and bottom of the lampshade on my bedside table. She thought I had killed it for that purpose. God! I’m not a heathen!

The purpose of my sharing this is to let you know that if you have a pretty good “eye” and can learn “scale” which is almost always by trial and error, and you can figure out some basic color theory, as in which colors complement each other AND you have lots of patience, you can decorate your own life. Go for it! And be sure to forgive yourself and move on when you screw up, that happens a lot at first.

Til’ next time,

Your unschooled designer,


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  • Holly Morrison
    Posted at 12:39h, 09 February Reply

    Very interesting and fun read! I love your taste and style…

  • Rosemary Bigelow
    Posted at 15:37h, 04 March Reply

    Enjoyed your blog about your history immensely. My stepson used to display a python skin on the cornice trim in his room. Thank goodness he is an adult now and the room sports a giraffe bedding collection instead. Thanks for “liking” my facebook page for My Grandmother’s Lace.

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